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Services agreement

Welcome to the Agreement on Terms of Service of Guangzhou Huide Network Technology Co., Ltd. (“this Agreement”). The terms and conditions stated in this Agreement apply to your use of the Inter-enterprise Electronic Market Platform Service (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) provided by OYM system.

Article 1 Acceptance Clause
Your use of OYM website in any form means that you agree that you have signed this Agreement with the recording party, Guangzhou Huide Network Technology Co., Ltd.( hereinafter shortened as “Huide Tech Company”) and that you will be bound by the terms and conditions hereof (“Terms”). Huide Tech Company may have full power to decide whether to modify the Terms at its own discretion. If the Terms have any change, Huide Tech Company will put on announcement of such change on its website and inform you of the same. If you do not agree with such change, you must stop using the Service. The modified Terms will automatically take effect shortly after being publicized on the Website of Huide Tech Company. You should carefully read the modified Terms after your first log-on and should have the right to choose to stop or continue using the Service; once you choose to continue using the Terms, you have accepted the modified Terms, and should refer to the latest Agreement on Terms of Service when having dispute with Huide Tech Company. Except otherwise explicitly stated, any new contents that enlarge the scope of the Service or improve the function of the Service are subject to this Agreement. Unless a written agreement is signed by the senior administrator authorized by Huide Tech Company, this Agreement will not be otherwise revised.
Article 2 Charge
This company retains the right to charge fee for the Service after notifying you according to Article 1. All the expenses and fees arising from your transaction or, acquiring paid service or the server of this company (including the relevant hardware, software, communication or network service and other aspects) will be borne by you. This company retains the right to temporarily or permanently modify or suspend part of or the whole Service without sending written notice to you upon publicity of the same on the Website of Huide Tech Company (“Website”).

Article 3 You shall not sell any materials provided by this platform, spread the same to others or use the same for other commercial purposes.
You agree that you shall not resell any materials obtained from this company, spread the same to others or use the same for other commercial purposes, including but not limited to copying any materials displayed on the Website of Huide Tech Company and selling or spreading the same or using the same for other commercial purposes without the prior written approval of the senior administrator authorized by Huide Tech Company.

Article 4 In the event that any one of the following circumstances occurs, this company will immediately issue a warning, temporarily or permanently suspend or terminate your member qualification, and delete any of your existing product information and any other materials you displayed on the Website, without returning the charged fees:
(1) You breach this Agreement; (2) this company cannot verify or identify any material provide by you to this company; (3) this company believe that your conduct may cause you, this company’s user or the third service provider who provides service through this company or the Website of this company to bear any legal liability. On the premise that no other remedial measures are restricted, if this company finds that you engage in any breach of regulation or any fraud involving the Website of this company, Huide Tech Company may suspend or terminate your account.

Article 5 If you click and register on the Website of Huide Tech Company, you are deemed to agree to fulfill the registration-related obligation:
(1) You should provide your or your company’s information which is authentic, accurate, complete and reflects your current status according to the requirements of the form of member’s information published on the Website of Huide Tech Company.
(2) Keep and timely update the member’s information to maintain its authenticity, accuracy, completeness and feature of reflecting your current status. If you provide any untrue, inaccurate, incomplete information or any information that fails to reflect your current status, or Huide Tech Company has just reasons for suspecting such information of being untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or being unable to reflect your current status, Huide Tech Company is entitled to suspend or terminate your registration or registration information, and to reject your current or future use of the Service (or its any part) in any form. If you register in this company on behalf of a company or any other legal entity, you should make representation and warranty that you are empowered to bind such company or other legal entity to the Terms of this Agreement.

Article 6 Member’s Register Name, Password and Confidentiality:
When logging in the Website, you will set your member’s register name and password. You should be responsible for keeping confidential of your member’s register name and password and should bear liability for any activity occurred under your member’s register name and password. You agree that:
(1)     if you find that any unauthorized person used your member’s register name or password, or that any other circumstances in breach of the confidentiality regulations, you will immediately notify Huide Tech Company of the same;
(2)     you guarantee that you will log out of the Website in the right steps after you finish your online hours. This Website will not bear any legal liability for any loss or damage arising from your breach of this term.

Article 7 Rules on Your Materials:

A. You agree and warrant that your materials and any item you trade on the Website of Huide Tech Company (the item stated herein means in general any specific article that may be traded by law, tangible or intangible, and may exist in any form, or some kind of right or interest, a kind of note or securities, or certain kind of service or act.)

(1) do not have any fraudulent contents and are not involved in sales of forged products or theft;

(2) do not infringe the real right or copyright, right of patent, trademark right, business secret or other intellectual property right, or right of privacy or right of reputation over such item as enjoyed by any third party;

(3) do not break any laws, regulations, rules or principles (including but not limited to those concerning regulation of export management, trade quota, protection of consumers, unfair competition or deceptive advertising);

(4) do not contain any defaming (including commercial defaming), illicit threatening or harassing contents;

(5) do not contain any obscene contents or children pornography;

(6) do not include any virus, camouflage damager, computer worm, timing program bomb or any other computer program that intentionally sabotages, maliciously disturbs, or secretively intercept or encroach any system, data or personal information;

(7) do not directly or indirectly link with the following goods or service, or contain the descriptions of the same: the goods or service prohibited under this Agreement, or the goods or service to which you have no right to link or include 

B. In addition, you agree not to:

(1) use the Service for the purposes relating to any chain letters, large-amount randomly sent e-mails, disuse of e-mails or any copied or redundant information;  

(2) use the Service to collect others’ e-mail address and other information without their consent.

(3) use the Service to make fake e-mail address or manage misleading others on the identity of the sender or the source of information by other means.

Article 8 Huide Tech Company merely serves as an intermediary place of transaction.

This platform website is just a place where its users seek trading counterparty, negotiate about the assistance in trading of warehousing and service and acquire all kinds of trade-related information. However, this platform cannot control the quality, safety or legitimacy of the item involved in the transaction or the authenticity and accuracy of the commercial information, and does not take responsibility for the accuracy or contents of the trading product information. Furthermore, this platform cannot and will not control the trading parties’ ability of fulfilling the obligations under the trade agreement or whether they are able to fulfill the obligations under the agreement. As a result, you should make a comprehensive evaluation of the parties’ to the transaction abilities of performing the trade agreement and bear the legal liability and business risk of the logistics warehousing service agreement. Besides that, you should be aware of the objective existence of the risk in doing business with foreign nationals, adolescents or people who are cheaters.

Article 9 Your Materials and Tradable Service
Your materials include any information such as data, text, software, music, audio data, photograph, picture, image, words and phrases or other materials that you provide to this company or other users when registering, trading or listing your service on the Website, in any open-information occasion or by any e-mail. You should be held fully responsible for your materials and only uses this company as the intermediary channel for publishing or releasing your materials on the Internet. However, if this company believes that your materials may cause this company to undertake legal or moral liability or may lead to this company's losing its Internet service supplier’s or other suppliers’ service partially or fully, or you fails to login or relogin the Website within the time limit stipulated by Huide Tech Company, this company will have full power to decide taking any action deemed as necessary or proper by this company against your materials at its discretion, including but not limited to deleting such materials. You hereby guarantee that you enjoy full right of your materials submitted to Huide Tech Company, including full copyright. You confirm that Huide Tech Company has no capability or responsibility of assuring of the materials you submitted to this company not being infringed by any third party. But if a third party gives your materials to the other Service users for use in violation of the regulations and rules, you may claim rights against such third party by legal means. This company will not bear any legal liability therefor.

Article 10 Privacy
You authorize this company to have the permitted use right of your materials, i.e. this company will use your materials on the platform and relevant information system of Huide Tech Company to facilitate your trade in service with your target customer. In addition, you have been aware of the situation that once you voluntarily provide your materials to the Website of Huide Tech Company, your materials may be obtained and used by others.

Article 11 Scope of Exemption

You clearly understand and agree that Huide Tech Company will not bear any responsibility for any damages arising from any one of the following circumstances, including but not limited to damages for loss of profit, goodwill, use, data or other aspects, or any other intangible losses (no matter whether Huide Tech Company is informed of the possibility of such damages):

       (1) you have not used the Service;

(2) the expenses and costs incurred from your purchase or obtaining of any goods, samples, data, materials or services through or from the Service, or from getting substitute goods and services upon receiving any information or concluding any transaction through or from the Service;

(3) this system accesses or changes your transmitted materials or data without approval;

(4) the statement made by any third party on the Service or the action related to the Service taken by such third party, or any other disputes related to the Service due to any reason.

Article 12 Compensation
You agree that if any third party claim compensation against Huide Tech Company and its subsidiary, branch, director, employee or agent due to your breach of this Agreement or other documents incorporated into this Agreement as mentioned herein or your violation of law or infringement of a third party’s rights, you must compensate Huide Tech Company and its subsidiary, branch, director, employee or agent for the attorney fee, charge for loss of working hours, travelling expenses and other expenses arising from such compensation.

Article 13 Compliance with Law
You should comply with the laws, regulations, rules and principles of the People’s Republic of China regarding your use of the Service, bidding, purchase and sales of any item and your providing of commercial information.

Article 14 Notice
Unless otherwise explicitly stipulated, any notice should be sent out by e-mail. (As to Huide Tech Company) the e-mail address is the address attached to the domain name of this Website or (as to you) any other address sent to your e-mail address provided by you to Huide Tech Company during your registration or as indicated by the related party. The notice should be deemed to be served after twenty-four (24) hours upon the e-mail is sent, except when the sender is informed that the relevant e-mail address is void. Or, this company may send the notice to the address which you provide to Huide Tech Company during your registration by registered mail with postage prepaid and receipt issued. In such case, the mail will be deemed served after three (3) days following the date of mailing out.


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